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Texas White man murdered shielding children from three rabid Blacks at Dennys

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Houston police have released surveillance photos of the three suspects involved in a deadly robbery at a west Houston Denny’s restaurant. The suspects killed in cold blood a man who was just trying to protect a child, and now that victim’s son is speaking out.

The photos, which were released late Wednesday, show the chaos that unfolded inside the restaurant late Monday night.

A day after Greig Placette was shot and killed during a restaurant robbery, his son Drue is still struggling with the reality of it.

Greig Placette

Greig Placette

“I have to forgive, come to peace with the situation,” Drue Placette said. “Fact is, those people are going to hurt somebody else or do something else stupid.”

Greig Placette, a grandfather, small business owner and military veteran, was among the customers inside a westside Denny’s late Monday when three armed masked men violently barged in. You can see each of them in surveillance stills taken from video inside the restaurant. Police say there may also have been a fourth person driving the getaway vehicle.

Police say they demanded money and two of the three opened fire. Placette, who protected young children, was shot and later died.

Jonathan Ochoa was a coworker and friend who was with Placette at the restaurant.

“I got on my hands and knees and I grabbed his hand and I just started squeezing it and talking to him and telling him how much I loved him and to stay with me,” Ochoa said.

Now as investigators work to put the killers behind bars, Drue Placette wants his father to be remembered for how he lived as much as how he died.

“I’m glad he went out this way. I’m glad that’s how he got to go out. He got to do good,” Drue Placette said.

In lieu of flowers, the Placette family wants anyone who wants to help to donate money to the Houston Food Bank in Greig Placette’s name. He volunteered there every Thanksgiving Day.

Meanwhile, a Denny’s employee who was also shot in the robbery is now sitting up in bed after surgery, and corporate headquarters tells us he’s doing much better now.






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66 Comments on Texas White man murdered shielding children from three rabid Blacks at Dennys

  1. I pray for the murdered man’s family, that the peace of Christ is with them.

  2. Anna Salerno // 30 August, 2013 at 9:25 am // Reply

    God bless this hero who took a bullit that saved a child. May his family find peace and blessings and may he RIP.

    • This is why all White Europeans are Nationalist and do not even know it, it is about sacrificing for the future (women and children) of our people no matter the cause. Nationalism and National Socialism.

  3. marie boccia // 30 August, 2013 at 9:30 am // Reply

    How sad that our country has been torn apart by violence-thank you obama! You have emboldened a race with hate in their hearts. These dearhs are on your head! Pray for this family…..

  4. they’re very lucky they actually found a place where there wasn’t at least a few people carrying weapons of their own! odds are in Texas their luck will soon change!

    • I was going to move to Texas, until they do not let people with Arizona permits carry ccw. When I took the course, it was 5 days, 5 hours a day with the 6 th. day of shooting. 10 rounds , slow fire, 10 rounds rapid fire, and 10 rounds of timed fire.. Then Arizona dropped the course to 3 days, and a lot of States dropped Arizona. At 77 years old, serving 5 years in Korea, I should be able to carry in every State in this Wonderful Country. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

    • yea right,i live in Dallas,chl holder. true you can not judge one by there attire or color,but the people i see when i am out are not the law abiding gun toters. i do not believe there are as many carrying as we think there are. i am ashamed.

  5. scottroberts44 // 30 August, 2013 at 10:40 am // Reply

    This shit is ridiculous. I could post several stories EVERY damn day of Black on White crime, yet the Jew media not only conceals this epidemic, but they make sure to remind us that it is somehow our fault (based on the false “history” they have created).

    • Yes it is Scott once my work season is over and I get this new theme straightened out I will be posting every Black on White Hate-Crime from at least 2012 to current.

      BTW check your email brother Author rights, login info was sent.

  6. where is Al Sharpton on this issue

  7. May The Gods be with this man and his family. HAIL ODIN!!!!

  8. terry mc falls // 30 August, 2013 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    this seems to happen every day

  9. My goodness gracious…you mean to tell me they were black !?!?!?!?!?!?! Say it ain’t so ! Who knew ??????

  10. more of obama’s “sons” i bet

  11. How they gonna find them, with bandanas on, all niggers look the same!!!! This is the 3rd post I have made today to black on white murders!!! Sick of this crap!!! It’s time we crackers stand up against this crap that O-Blank-O and his cronies started, it’s disgusting!!!

  12. This is why you need 30 round mags.

  13. A hero. Reminds me of my 2nd cousin Brandi Sisk took a Bullitt in the mouth and neck protecting her step brothers from their biological father … she lived and is a hero. Saginaw,TX New year’s eve … few years ago.

  14. shaunthebrummie // 31 August, 2013 at 3:51 am // Reply

    Let the blacks starve in Africa…It’s gods will.

  15. where is sharpont , jackson, black panthers, and especially obama? maybe they could say that these upstanding pieces of trash could be their sons.

    • Those Black elitists….living the high life, only come out of their mansions to stir up the shit. They will call this an act of economic disadvantage–they just wanted some money….. blah blah blah.
      Its about time Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and the rest of them get a grip on reality and see it for what it is—a breakdown of the family, moral character and responsibility. They need to encourage the young men to be fathers to their children and marry the mothers; the young women to refuse those young men or protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies and, they need to be responsible in their lives. You can’t tell me that black families who are middle to upper class have children running about shooting up the local Denny’s—no, they have taught them responsibility and good character. Not all poor families have children who act out (and I mean drugs, alcohol, theft, robberies, etc), but it seems they think acting out is the only way there is out of their situation. A couple hundred bucks stolen from a business with not get you out of the ‘ghetto’, but working for a business and going to school can—if they want to try. Please don’t tell me there are no jobs. Its not always about the paycheck—its learning responsibility and civic duty. Volunteer! Help the younger kids in the neighborhood, at your apt complex, at school. Pick up the trash on your street. Sweep the sidewalk. Babysit for the young mother who does have a job. When you improve your surroundings, the future automatically looks a bit brighter. Make a difference. If you can give someone else a hand, it may be their hand in the future giving you a hand up.

  16. “Three Rabid Blacks?”… this is terrible… but isn’t that wording a tad racist? “3 Robbers” might have been more appropriate.

    • I cannot even touch the Black on White crime happening every day start paying attention then make your conclusion and the word racist was coined by a Communist Jew Leon Trotsky for use against Whites.

    • STFU.

    • Michael the truth seems to hurt you on this. They were in fact black and were in fact intent on killing white’s. I am sick of you bleeding heart left wing politically correct assholes.

    • It’s more important whether a comment is true than whether it is racism, sexism, slander, etc. News must be reported in its entirety. Yet, these days, ethnicity is intentionally omitted from coverage. This is detrimental to society because (for example) recent stories have mentioned that 2 men broke into a house, 1 was shot by the homeowner, but the other got away. Then they ask, “if you know anything about the guy who got away, contact the police”. How is anybody supposed to know anything if they don’t give a description of the suspect? We’ve seen the same incompetent reporting about a serial rapist. So, the women must have some knowledge of the rapist’s description including ethnicity, but the news doesn’t report it. Giving political “correctness” priority over truth has harmed our country. Stop supporting it.

    • How about 3 black pieces of shit…Does that work for you?

    • Michael, you are stupid. Please die

    • GIVEMEFREEDOM // 1 September, 2013 at 5:42 pm // Reply

      Hey Mike,
      It really doesn’t make much difference to the shooting victims if we readers call the perps niggers, rabid, or any other “charged” epithet. The victim is still dead and his family is suffering.
      The background statistics since Mr. Obama said a black thug could have been his son, have shown an increase in black on white crime. Let’s see you get all indignant about THAT!

  17. jerry bouchet // 31 August, 2013 at 2:34 pm // Reply

    Let me guess they did it for Trayvon (now lets show them the electric chair for Trayvon)

  18. Fucking scumbag savages.

  19. Whites need their own country.

  20. Kill them and leave thier bodies to rot and that’s too good for them!

  21. Three Rabid Blacks… not racist…
    Three, 1 2 3 people (counted 3)
    Rabid, furious or raging; violently intense (ran in shotting)
    Blacks, word used to identify someone (weren’t white)

    But if you like to play the racist card then you saw this: “Gang of Niggers”
    Now shut up and see it for what it really is, Three Rabid Blacks, not racist but quick and easy description of robbers!!! which from that you get that there are 3 people acting in a violent way to anyone in their path and they are black… now the surround area knows if they see 3 blacks with guns and faced covered (like shown) to run like hell and take cover, because it could happen again.

    Quit being ignorant (lacking knowledge [if you didn’t know what ignorant meant])

  22. Sorry friend but 30 round mags don’t solve it.
    First off the only people with guns in the robbery was the 3 robbers, if they had 30 round mags then thats 90 bullets… how many did you want to die at Denny’s? Wasn’t one enough for you? One was too many for me!
    Second, if you need 30 bullets to take out 3 people, means your bullets aren’t hitting them. so where are the stray bullets going? So robber kills 1 and “hero” kills 2 and 1 robber after blind firing and unloading a 30 round mag. DUMB
    Third, my opinion, i think background checks should be done better. no need to register because criminals will get there hands on a gun if they want but will make it harder cause felons can’t buy at gun stores then. registering only shows who legally purchased a gun, illegal guns aren’t registered. Background should go to education too. If your not smart enough to graduate school, then are you smart enough to determine good or bad guy and how to use the gun properly?

    So ask yourself again if you think putting 30 round mags in the hands of everybody, good and/or bad, is the smart thing to do?

    • Dustin, what in the he** are you talking about? What has anything you said got to do with this heinous crime?

    • If the slugs thought that they would face “30 rd magazines” they would not have tried to rob the restaurant.
      And I am sick, tired and disgusted hearing the name “Trayvon Martin.” the sheen is gone and the Sharpton/Jackson/Obama race baiters should really move on to another “victim.”

    • I don’t give a fuck what you think. My Second Amendment rights do not depend on your thoughts.

    • Dustin, you are the typical ignorant obama voter. Might I suggest the strychnine for your next meal.

    • @Dustin the brains. You’re stuck on stupid. Criminals don’t buy their guns at gun shows. What good will better background checks do? Not much. Felons steal their guns or buy them off regular people who need money. Wake-da-fuc-up. Criminals will always get guns. They are simply everywhere.

    • Your brain works weird, you need to do something about that! That made no sense at all.

  23. A Denny’s that doesn’t allow its customers to have guns…..

    Looks like these criminals picked the right place to rob!

  24. LOL! Dustin! You honestly think these three idiots went through a background check? Three idiots with guns X 15 rounds each -VS- One CHL with a handgun with probably a single 13-15 round clip? Likely LESS?! I say every CHL should carry high cap mags and be trained to the skill of never having to use that many. Personally, I carry several mags as a CHL holder. I know I’m probably gonna be outgunned if there’s more than one bad guy. And the odds are there will be more than one bad guy. Training and conditioning favor the prepared CHL holder.

    • IN Dennys take cover there is plenty to sheild yourself behind. I could take 2 out before they even knew what was hapening. take your time and aim carefully!!

      • Practice the double tap move to the next target double tap!! 4 shots 2 down, get the third on the way out the door!! take out the driver through the window!!


  26. I’m willing to bet Houston regrets helping the refugees of NOLA.

    • I’ll bet the regret started right after the storm. These bastards and muslims that want to “change” our country, need to be hunted down and dispatched like the feral pigs that are also giving us problems.

  27. Hate to say it but where are the regulators? Vigilantes ? Enough of this shit

  28. Exactly why more people need to carry concealed weapons. If only 3 or 4 people eating had used the right to carry this whole situation could have been taken care of the night it happened. I guess all it would really take is one person who knew how to use their gun but that is making an assumption and assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups. When it comes down to it, more people need to carry and not be afraid to use that power during the proper circumstances. I always hear of “urban” youth but why do they sugar coat it? Call it what it is, there are three, they are ignorant and they are colored. The headline should read this: Three colored niggers shoot and kill innocent Caucasian man protecting children during botched robbery.

  29. Where is the nigger lovin NAACP when a group of thug niggers kill a white by stander.lets all blame ourselves by allowing all this to happen where is the white version of the NAACP we don’t have one we sit and watch all this take place. On thing that always stays the same is we as whites don’t want to be labeled as racists but most of the stupid uneducated welfare living niggers are. Hey we give u enough start acting like humans and leave the monkey days behind

  30. this is why more people should carry weapons cause then there will be less shootings

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